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Who Doesn't Want to WIn at Parenting without losing Themselves?

 The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast


The world has so much to say about what it means to be a good mom. Most of it is unattainable and anxiety-provoking. The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast helps moms say "no" to unrealistic expectations for a perfectly-balanced life and say "yes" to what really matters. You'll hear inspirational interviews with experts in each of the core areas modern moms who parent with intention know are critical for success. You'll find the credible advice you're looking for when it comes to taking care of your child and taking care of yourself. We live In an era filled with so much noise and so many questions around parenting and finding balance. On the Modern Mommy Doc Podcast, you'll find the focused answers you've been looking for. 

You can win at parenting without losing yourself.  

Your GUide:

Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP is a pediatrician and a mom to two young girls in Portland, Oregon. After completing her undergraduate degree in Journalism, she completed her medical school training at The University of Vermont and her pediatrics residency training at Stanford University. She also holds a Masters of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from The University of California, Berkeley.

She cares for children and adolescents as a full-time, Board-certified pediatrician in Portland, Oregon. She knows from experience what it’s like to welcome a new baby into the world and what it’s like to make sure those babies thrive in their first days, weeks and months.